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Dublin roof repairs

Dublin roof repairs

Do you need a roofing repair specialist in Dublin? If your roof is in need of repairs, you have noticed a leak in your roof, seen you have some loose tiles or just want a qualified opinion of your roof, call Roofpro.

Roof repairs Dublin

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Our roofing services extends over all of the Dublin region. For 20 years we have built our reputation on being a reliable roofer in Dublin, repairing roofs to a high standard and at a low cost to our customers.We also provide a 24 hour emergency roofing service for our customers such as storm damage call Cj on 0873506113 if you need quick help with your roof problem .

How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

The roof repair costs in this article are correct as of 2020

The old saying is that you should fix the roof when the sun is shining, but whatever the weather is doing, if you need to repair your roof, the time to do it is now. Missing tiles or damaged flashing can allow water into your roof space, causing lasting damage and long term problems. The average roof repair cost in Dublin varies depending on the issue, so we’ve broken down roof repair costs into common categories, so you can get a good idea of what a roof repair price will typically be.

Common roof repairs

Our roofs deal with a lot - strong winds, driving rains, falling trees and growing moss - so it’s no surprise that they can need a variety of repairs when things go wrong.

Missing tiles or shingles: High winds can cause individual tiles to come loose. Whether they’ve just shifted slightly, leaving a gap, or come off entirely, it can allow water to penetrate through the roof and into your loft and attic, causing damage.

Loose flashing: The lead flashing at the end of our roofs, which seals the edge where chimneys and dormer windows meet the roof, keeps water out, but if it has blown loose or been damaged it can fail and let water come in.

Sagging roof: If the entire structure of the roof is weakened, either because the roof timbers cannot support the weight of the tiles or there is an underlying structrural issue with the home, then the entire roof can have to be replaced.

Tile replacement costs

In the simplest instances, you might have a missing or damaged roof tile which is letting in water. If this is the case, it can cost around €200 for a roofer to replace a handful of cement, clay or slate tiles, and can be done relatively quickly, typically in a few hours. Fixing a tiled roof will help fend off any leaks that result from slipped roof tiles. The cost of replacing roof felt under tiles will be included in the overall tiled roof roof repair costs.

Flashing repair costs

Lead flashing on your roof helps protect the edge of your roof, where tiles meet brickwork such as your chimney or any skylights. If this becomes damaged for any reason, it can cause similar problems to missing tiles, allowing rain into your property. Fixing damaged flashing should cost a similar amount to missing tiles - roof flashing repair costs to replace a metre or so of flashing will cost between €100 and €250.

Leak repair costs

Leaks are typically either the result of missing tiles, or damaged flashing, so the pricing of these fixes will depend on the nature of the leak.

Sagging roof repairs costs

Some homes can develop a sag, where the ridge bows in the middle below the height at the gable ends. This can happen for different reasons, for example, if the roof tiles were replaced at some point with a heavier alternative which has slowly weighed down the timber frame supporting the roof. Sagging roof repair costs can vary - if extra weight is the problem, additional joists or rafters can be added to shore up the additional weight, which can cost between €1,000 and €2,000 depending on how many are needed. Sometimes, a roof can sag because it has become waterlogged and the internal structure is irreparably damaged. If this is the case, the entire roof will need to be replaced, which can cost anywhere from €5,000 to €12,000 depending on the size of the property.

Labour costs

Roofers generally charge in accordance with the type of job they’re doing, rather than the time it will take - if it’s a simple repair, replacing elements like flashing, or constructing a completely new roof. For more details on roofer costs, call chris on 0873506113 for advice or a free quote

What makes a roof repair more expensive?

If the damage to your roof is particularly widespread, for example if a tree has landed on your roof and a large section needs to be replaced, the job will be a lot more expensive than if it’s just replacing a few tiles. Especially if a roofer needs to erect scaffolding to allow proper access, the repair costs can stretch to several thousand pounds.

If the roof project will take a few days, then a temporary cover can be errected to cover the property so the roofers can work on the roof without having to worry about the weather. This will be an additional cost on top of the scaffolding.

Complex roofs, with different levels, or multiple features like chimney stacks and dormer windows, can add more complexity to a project, adding time and money. For more information on chimney costs, take a look at our guide on Chimney repairs Dublin 

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We promise our clients the best prices in Dublin and we are a local based company that are getting bigger and bigger day by day.what we also do for our customers as u can see below we keep our customers on top of our work from start to Finnish before in-between & after 4k drone images & a video we email them all on to our customer at Finnish and give them a full written guarantee in a envelope we are a highly trained team of roofers that take on any job big or small call us for advice or a free quote on 016874894 or email us on: info@roofpro.ie Thank u

Dublin roof repairs

Dublin roof repairs

Dublin roof repairs

Roof repair Dublin / Slate roof repairs Dublin / Tile roof repairs Dublin / minor roof repair / low cot roof repair 

Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roof repairs Dublin

Flat roof repairs Dublin this is a recent flat roof we done it was consuming water for a while that caused damage to the wood underneath so we had to replace the complete roof with a membrane Finnish we offer 10 years written guarantee on flat roof repairs & best prices guaranteed Flat Roof repairs Dublin Roofing Experts at your call ...

Roof repair Dublin

Roof repairs Dublin This is a roof we recently done in Killester Dublin as u can see this roof had its day & the old tar felt was rotting away so we replaced the felt with breathable membrane installed new battens & used the same roof tiles we give good prices on or pitched roof repairs folks we also do minor roof repairs storm damage chimney repairs roof valley repairs flat roof repairs and much more 10 years guarantee with this roof repair.Roof repair Dublin

Roof repair Dublin

Roof repairs Dublin at your service 24/7 .Do u have a leak coming in by the chimney area or damaged lead flashing or don’t know the problem ? this is a recent chimney repairs job we done is Blackrock step flashing & back channel water valley we also cut back to roof tiles to match the Finnish call us on 016874894 for your free quote now,

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