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As local roof repair company we offer a Leak-Free Warranty: Leak-Free Warranties guarantee that the leak will stop once the repair is made. If the same leak occurs after the repair is made then we will owe you additional repairs at no additional charge. This warranty is for a minimum of ten years.

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Most common roofing problems

Birds nesting due to weak points in your roof

Birds nesting in my roof what do i do ?

Many birds use roof spaces for nesting.

The area where the birds were able to get into your roof may be more problematic and it may need repairing as soon as possible to prevent a major roof construction due to roof rafter getting damaged.

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Rotting wood replacements due to no roof or eaves protection!

Rotting fascia board causes

Fascia boards begin to rot primarily because the roof was installed incorrectly. It may also be because the roof is old, or because it has been damaged due to no roof gables or eaves protection.

As much as possible, avoid repairing your fascia on your own. Instead, call a roofing professional in Dublin to get the job done. While your at it, ask your professional roofer to check for compromised soffits as well as they can also be affected by excessive water buildup or birds nestings. To avoid future leaks, make sure that the seams of the fascia are perfectly lined up with the rafters.

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Fascia timbers replacements

To fit pvc over rotten or damp wood is actually doing more harm than good because it keeps the wood damp and prevents the wood from drying out thereby excacerbating the problem.

It is acceptable to fit a decent quality upvc fascia on over the wooden fascia to preserve it if the rotten wood is first removed and replaced with new treated wood.

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Smart solutions to protect your roof 

Dry verge system

Dry verge systems are a simple, effective way of securely fixing concrete interlocking tiles without the need for mortar. Using dry verge caps and units gives a strong and reliable fix without mortar & stops birds from picking weak points in the gable concrete.

The Benefits Of Dry verge system

  • Protect your home from harsh weather conditions. ... 
  • Prevent animals from nesting in your roof. ... 
  • Improve the overall look of your home. ... 
  • Reduce the maintenance of your roofline. ... 
  • Avoid further damage being caused to your home. ... 
  • Help your home's energy efficiency. ... 

Eaves protection

An eaves protector works by covering this gap - effectively creating a new felt support tray that channels water away from your brickwork and into the gutter can also prevent birds from getting underneath the roof tiles

uPVC fascia,soffit & guttering

Soffits ventilate the attic and prevent your rafters from rotting. Roofing fascia serves a different but equally important role in preventing roof and attic damage due to moisture. Fascia boards are fitted over the end of your home's rafters or trusses and serve as a barrier between your roofline and the elements

The UPVC fascia improves the appearance of a home. The clean edge gives it a finish which isn't ruined by shedding paint or flaky wooden surface. This effectively enhances the value of your house, because more and more commonly new buyers are seeking a low maintenance property.

Damaged roof underlay

100% guaranteed leaks detected & roof secured

Roofs rely on the underlay and tiles working together to keep water out. If there is a single tear in the underlay, then you may be able to patch it, but since there is already an existing tear somewhere from the roof, it can be an area where water may seep through & cause damage to the roof rafters or inside of your home.

We can repair all roofs from individual roof tiles to entire storm-damaged roofs here are some examples

"Saving money on important investments”

Additionally, you should never sacrifice roof repairs, because it can help you keep your family healthy and safe from dangerous molds.

 Always hire expert roofing services for your maintenance and replacement needs for safety and accuracy.

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Replacing or fixing your roof is one of the costliest repairs you’ll make as a homeowner. Simple repairs could cost you a few hundred euros while an entire roof replacement in Dublin could cost you thousands.

But, there are a few ways to save money on roof repair. Don’t let a small problem become a big issue call a professional roofing repairs specialists in Dublin today 016874894 


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