Roof Repairs Dublin

"Roof repairs Dublin"

Welcome to Roofpro the roof repairs experts in Dublin we carry out many different types of roofing repairs Services in the Dublin area.

With over 20 years experience based in South Dublin all our team members are highly trained roofers & members of the national guilds of master craftsmen & Trusted We take pride in providing the best workmanship at competitive prices. We only use quality products such as IKO Ireland, Tegral and Knauf Insulation at Roofpro Roofing

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Roof repairs Dublin

Roof repairs Dublin

Roof repairs Dublin

Roof repairs Dublin

Professional Roofing Repairs from Roofpro Roofing

The team at Roofpro Roofing offer professional and efficient roofing repairs across Dublin are of the best quality and cover a range of roofing types. The roofing repairs we provide are all carried out by our fully trained team who are highly skilled and can help with missing tiles, lead flashing and much more.

If you are in need of roof repair in Dublin or the surrounding areas then be sure to call the team at Roofpro Roofing today, with years of experience we should be your first port of call for roof repairs in Dublin.

Local Roof Repairs

The team at Roofpro Roofing offer a professional and high quality of work when it comes to roofing. With an experienced team who have worked with a range of different roofing problems for a range of commercial and domestic properties throughout Dublin. We are able to offer a comprehensive service and can come to a solution to your problems to ensure that your property is back to normal. Our expert team are all completely trained and have the skillset to provide you with a service to the standard of excellence, each time.

Our team cover both roof repairs for domestic and commercial properties in Dublin and have dealt with a number of roofing issues which we have had no problem in fixing. For this reason, you rest assure that whatever problem you are experiencing, our team are more than capable of offering a quick and efficient service to make sure that you are back up and running in no time.

Call our team today to discuss your issues and arrange for a date for us to come out and repair your roofing.

Roof repairs Dublin

Roof repairs Dublin

What Are Some Common Roof Problems?

We offer a comprehensive range of roofing repair services to both commercial and residential. Roofs can develop a range of problems, but some are more noticeably common than others. You might find that you can identify these common roofing problems easy however it still might not be clear whether you can rectify them yourself or you will need professional assistance from the team at Roofpro Roofing.

Some examples of roofing problems include:

  • Weathering – Your roof is constantly exposed to the weather, meaning the material can over time develop signs of weathering. If your roof compromises Slates of high quantity, you may notice individual Slates curling or becoming discoloured or broken – if the Slates go missing you may be at risk of underlying wood rotting or developing holes.

  • Rips Caused by Wind – During windy weather, a vacuum and uplifting pressure can form. These can eventually blow over the roof’s edge and partially tear the roofing membrane or system that was applied previously.
  • Loose Flashings – Flashings, which typically comprise aluminium or galvanised steel, can be especially crucial for preventing potential leaks through chimneys or skylights.
  • Gutters with Holes or Blockages – If you fail to maintain the proper functioning of your gutters, they could be compromised in their crucial ability to divert water from your home’s structural foundation and so preserve integrity. It’s important not to skip the responsibility of maintaining your gutters. This could lead to mould and mildew developing beneath the roof.

For an expert opinion on your roof and its current maintenance, then be sure to contact the team at Roofpro Roofing today.

Roof repairs Dublin

How Will I Know If My Roof has a Problem?

Roof problems are generally discovered after leaking or other serious damage occurs. The condition of the slate or tiles will determine whether a repair or replacement roof is appropriate. Our roofs face the worst of the elements: spring showers, winter blizzards and searing summer temperatures all take their toll. A simple health-check performed every once in a while, can keep your home leak-free and protected from changeable weather.

Many homeowners often neglect their roofing system until it begins to leak, or when other serious damage occurs. In most cases roofing issues can be discovered before major and expensive problems happen. There are a few ways to determine if it is time to replace your roofing system.

Roof Repairs Dublin

At Roofpro Roofing, we can understand that problems may occur with your roofing at any given time, and so we will always do what we can to make sure that we can carry out our roofing services, quickly and efficiently to avoid any disruption with either your business or personal life.

Of course, roofs are an important structural design to any building, our range of roofing repairs in Dublin cover both residential and commercial services to customers across Dublin. With Roofpro Roofing you can trust that all work carried out is by expert roofers, we offer a comprehensive range of roofing repairs.

Roofing Repairs Services Dublin

Our roofing repairs service covers a variety of faults and issues that can occur on a range of roofing materials. Whether you need your gutters cleaning or a leak in your roof repaired, our expert tradesmen have the skill, knowledge and the state-of-the-art equipment to provide the highest standard of work.

We serve both commercial and residential customers, so whatever your repair problem is and whatever type of property you own, let Roofpro Roofing fix it for you.

We provide FREE, no-obligation quotes for both small- and large-scale roofing repairs, so you know you’re getting the best service without any surprise hidden costs.

Customer Testimonial

Highly Recommend!

I was in need of a new roof on my property, I'd been around a few companies for quote and came across Roofpro Roofing. The quote they gave was highly competitive and their portfolio of work was impressive. They where professional and completed the roof installation on time and budget. Would highly recommend.

Why Choose Us For Roofing Repairs in Dublin?

We have been offering our roofing repair service to both residential and commercial customers throughout Dublin. At Roofpro Roofing, we offer a comprehensive roof repair service that covers all types of roofs and repairs. Having listened to our customers feedback, we believe some of the reasons you should choose us for roof repairs in Dublin are:

  • Years of industry experience
  • Cover all types of roof repairs
  • Work throughout Dublin
  • Can repair any types of roof
  • Team of experience roof repairers
  • No job is too big or small

Contact Roofpro Roofing for Roof Repair in Dublin

If you’re in need of a roof repair in Dublin, then be sure to get in touch with Roofpro Roofing. We offer professional and efficient roofing repairs and can repair all types of roofs. No matter how big or small the problem might seem, we’ll have your roof repaired in no time at all. Whenever we carry out a roofing repair, we ensure the use of quality materials to achieve a high standard of finish. When it comes to needing a roofing repair in Dublin, be sure to get in touch with us for a quote.

Some of our service area's Ballsbridge, Blackrock, Leopardstown, Dalkey and other areas throughout South Dublin.


How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

How do i know if my roof has damage or any problems?

How long Does it take to fix a leaking roof?

My roof leaks do i need to have it completely replaced?

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About Roofpro Roofing Dublin


Roofers Dublin-We are one of Dublin’s leading roof tiling repair contractors and general roofing experts. Furthermore, you can always expect to have the work not only done in a timely fashion while also in the manner laid out by the Health and Safety Authority. When it comes to slate or ridge tile repairs or rather an installation to your home, we deliver the finest workmanship possible . We guarantee all our work and only use the same highest quality material suitable for the needs of the house.

Dublin’s No1 Roofing Service for Dublin:

  • Our experienced team can carry out a full range of tiling, slate and lead work.
  • From the replacement of one broken tile or slate to the replacement of a new roof of a large commercial building.
  • Call now for a free no obligation quote. We won’t be beaten on price or on the quality of our work. Open 7 days a week, and emergency call out available.


Our expert team at Roofpro Roofing Dublin are able to remove your existing roof covering much as remove existing latting and felt. We can install new latting and replace old felt. This is with a wide choice of self coloured concrete tiles, resin based or natural slate to compliment or even re-use the existing felt. Time required depends upon the complexity of the customers’ requirements and the extent of covering required. Probably this can usually be completed within just a few days and a minimum amount of disruption.


We repair all types of roof valleys (Lead and Copper Valleys) and chimneys. Most of all we do complete replacement, limited replacement, and repair or refurbishment of the original valley or chimney.

The valley of a roof is the segment of the roof where the course of the roof changes. Or especially where a dormer or a bay window is installed into the roof. It directs the rainfall. When you are having problems with a leaking or seeping valley we can refurbish & renovate. In conclusion, we can seal the lead, copper, zinc or compliment whatever materials that are in the valleys.


Roof repairs Dublin-We are one of Dublin’s leading roofing repair contractor and general roofing experts. Therefore, you can always expect to have any repair work that we undertake done to the highest of industry standards. Regardless if its small roof repairs, perspex roofing, galvanised roofs, garage roofs or shed roofs. We can replace a few tiles, spot patching, timber joist reparations. Maybe one or two broken tiles or if its a larger repair that requires we remove a significant section of your roof.

Our experienced team can carry out a full range of tiling, joist, valley, ridge tile, broken tiles and lead flashing repairs. From the replacement of one broken tile or slate to the replacement of a roof. Roofing repairs can be an art form and its something that Roofpro Roofing Dublin have perfected over their 30 years in business.


The attic is one of the most important areas of a house to have effective insulation. Heat has a natural tendency to rise and will therefore escape out through ceilings if allowed. It is estimated that a house can lose 35-40% of its heat through the attic roof.Most houses in Ireland only have a thin layer of fibreglass attic insulation which is nowhere near sufficient to retain the heat from below. With a large percentage of that heat escaping, the heating must be kept on longer to retain a comfortable temperature in the home.


Guttering is an essential system for your house. It provides very important protection against rain water and the damage it can inflict when it stagnates on a house. The importance of your guttering should never be under estimated. Unfortunately for most property owners gutters and down pipes can be overlooked. Probably well they are generally high up at roof line out the way where you can not see them.


Our certified team can replace old flat felt roofs with the highest quality materials. Noteworthy, we also providing a guarantee on all new work completed. We use only the HSA approved materials combined with torch work to ensure that any felt we lay is done to the highest standard. While it is guaranteed to be waterproof and long lasting.

Roofpro Roofing Dublin are an approved contractor for Pluvitec, Index, Paralon and Ruberoid torch on roofing systems. Using any of these product listed above you will gain a guarantee from both manufacturer and Roofpro Roofing up to 25 years.

We’ve been providing Roofing Dublin for many years. Call us today!016874894