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We have repointed over 500 houses in Dublin City & County.

Ridge tiles: The Difference Between Bedding and Pointing

At Roofpro Roofing Dublin we provide our customers with the very best services on getting your ridge tiles taking care of.

 Ridge tiles are designed to keep out the rain and were traditionally made from either clay or slate. ... More modern materials such as concrete and even plastic have since been incorporated into roof designs, as ridge tiles have evolved.The ridge capping sits on a bed of mortar, which provides a solid, heavy base for the ridge capping to rest on.

Mortar provides very little adhesion, though, so on a steep hip the ridge caps may have a tendency to gradually slide out of position, or even blow off in a high wind.

Additionally, ridge caps are completely exposed to the elements - wind, sun and rain 

Given that cement-based mortar is brittle, all this is a recipe for cracks to develop. And in a roof, cracks = leaks.

Repointing involves scraping away the loose mortar and replacing with new mortar. Some homeowners will request this type of job when the mortar is loose, but none of the tiles have been affected. For a typical semi-detached property, the cost for ridge pointing is between €350 and €500

Mortar-free, dry ridge systems are also tested to withstand extreme weather conditions, and require little to no maintenance over time. There's no doubt that dry ridge is a superior product. It is a near-permanent fix that will last for the lifespan of the entire roof

Which is the best dry verge system?

Tile cloaked verge

Tile cloaked verge is by far the best system for both performance in our personal opinion and appearance. they can match nearly every tile on the market. if unsure contact your local building providers. or contact us at Roofpro Roofing for product information & prices.

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