Affordable flat roof repairs in Dublin

Professional Flat Roofing in Dublin

If your home or business in Dublin has a flat roof, you’ll need a roofing contractor who has experience with this roof type.

Throughout the lifetime of the flat roof structure, it will need maintenance, repairs, and inspections.

Flat roofs are very different from pitched roofs, so your roofer needs to know what they are doing or there will be problems with leaks.

Local flat roof repair company in South Dublin

Roofpro Roofing,. has been a local flat roofing expert in Dublin since 1992. Our roofers are available to help you with repairs, inspections, and maintenance. 

As a third generation family-owned business, you can count on our expertise no matter what type of improvements we are helping you with. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide an estimate for the work today. Just call with any questions or to ask for a quote.

Constantly Having To Repair Your Flat Roof?

Having to fix a flat roof over and over again is a problem. You are probably coming to realize that something is wrong if you are fighting roof leaks all the time. The problem could be that your flat roof isn’t being fixed properly. Or, it could mean that it’s time to replace some of the flat roofing materials.

Let us come out to inspect your roof. We will be able to find the problems and tell you what needs to be done to repair it. Don’t give up on your flat roof and don’t feel like the problems will never end. Our highly skilled roofers will help you solve the issues.

Keep your flat roof Maintained  

As a part of regular roof maintenance, it is recommended that you have a flat roof inspection every six months and after any major storms.

This is highly important to avoid major roof leak problems. The roof drains also need to be cleared of debris or water will pond on the roof.

This leads to additional weight on the building and the water will be able to seep into the flashing seams. If the water freezes, it will weaken the beams.

There are other necessary maintenance tasks to do depending on the type of flat roof you have. Any blisters or creases need to be fixed, gravel added, and any roof coatings reapplied. If your flat roof in Dublin needs maintenance, call us so we can take care of it for you. Keeping up with the flat roof repairs is the best way to avoid extensive roof damage.

If you are looking for a Dublin Flat Roofing contractor, please call Roofpro Roofing,. At 01-687-4894 or complete our online request form.

Other Flat Roofing Solutions

Our flat roofing solutions include:

  • Roof design
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Renovation
  • Sealing
  • Roof membranes
  • Flat roof leak detections
  • 24/7 Emergency flat roof repairs Dublin
  • Advantages of a Flat Roof

    Flat roofs offer advantages to those who choose them. 

    • Lower cost to maintain
    • Easily accessible
    • Spaced saved on home interior
    • Construction time saved
    • Facilitates installation of solar panels
    • Can be used as green turf roof when appropriate
    • Architecturally appealing

    We do we offer on our flat roofs?

    • FREE Estimates
    • 5 Yr Labor Warranty
    • Serving South & County Dublin
    • Over 20 Years Of Flat Roofing Experience
    • Certified flat Roofing Contractors
    • Open 24 Hours if needed for emergency flat roof repairs

    24-Hour Flat Roofing Repairs Dublin

    Roofpro Roofing is open 24 hours a day to provide flat roofing services in Dublin and the surrounding areas. We are your local Roofing contractors. When you call us for flat roof repairs, we choose to use IKO products because they provide superior weather protection for your home.

    For flat roofing repairs, our local roofers use a torch-down method to apply a modified bitumen liquid which covers, coats, seals and protects. There are also primers, sealants, vents, vapour retarders, and other accessories that can be applied or installed when we repair a modified bitumen asphaltic roofing system.

    mineral felt flat roof installations & repairs in Dublin

    torch-on felt is one of the quickest and most reliable flat roof installations,

    For flat roof repairs South Dublin call Chris on (087-7542902) for a free quote 

    How Much Does It Cost to Replace or Repair a Flat Roof?

    No matter how professionally a flat roof is fitted, there will come a time when it begins to fail, leaking at first, but eventually bowing in and in danger of collapse.

    When you see signs of leaking, you should consider repairing or replacing the roof, putting things off will not fix the problem, but will make it worse and more expensive! As to whether you should repair or replace the roof, that depends on the roofing material and the amount of damage.

     Funnily enough flat roofs are generally built with a slight incline to allow rainwater to drain off into gutters, so basically most flat roofs aren’t actually flat!

    The average cost of replacing a complete flat roof is usually in the range of €1500 - €2000 depending upon what materials the roofer uses, whether or not scaffolding will be needed, and the size of the roof.

    There are numerous flat roof applications which have varying costs.

    Most roofers operate in pairs and will typically charge around €200 to €300 per day each roofer. Usually, the job will be completed within a single day, and the roofer should always come back the next day to ensure there are no leaks.

    Cost Affecting Factors of Replacing or Repairing a Flat Roof

    There are several considerations you need to take into account when assessing roof replacement or flat roof repair costs.

    The most important being the type of roof you choose, as prices can vary with a felt roof repair costing an affordable €50 per square metre. Mid-range choices include rubber at €80 per square metre and fibreglass at €90 per square metre.

    You may also need to consider what the roof is for, as the bigger the area you want to cover the more expensive it is. The most common roof applications include a garage roof (€1,500), porch roof (€3,000), dormer roof (€4,000), bay window (€7,000) and main roof (€10,000).

    You will need to weigh up waste disposal costs when replacing or repairing materials, as the typical expense is around €100 for a tradesman to get rid of any waste.

    Which flat roof material is the Best?

    Now you have a good idea of how much a new flat roof will cost, you’ll need to decide which material is best for your roof.

    There are pros and cons to each material, so we’ve created an in-depth guide that is targeted to beginners and those with very little knowledge of flat roof options.

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