Flat roof repairs

Flat roof repairs Dublin

Flat roof repairs Dublin

Flat roof repairs Dublin If you suspect a flat roof at your property is damaged, leaking, worn or in need of any type of roof repair work, we can get a trade accredited roofer with you quickly to get it fixed. Whether your flat roof is covered with felt, asphalt, lead, other metals, fiberglass, EPDM or single ply membranes, we’ve got an experienced roofer ready to help.

Flat roof repair cost

Our roofing team are highly trained flat roofers in south dublin. We know that poor drainage is usually the number one cause of leaks in flat roofs, because the water is more likely to collect on top. Regular monitoring is required for structures with flat roofs to prevent puddles from forming since the weight of the water will eventually lead to structural damage. Bitumen or Asphalt is a common material used on flat roofs and a contractor will need to repair any cracks caused by drainage issues. To seal cracks on a flat roof, the cost can be approximately €500 to €1,200.

When it comes to flat roof repair options, simple patch repairs for flat roofs such as those on garages or extensions can cost a few hundred euros. However, given the nature of flat roof repair costs, it can sometimes make sense to replace the entire roof. Basic felt solutions cost around €50 per square metre for the material itself, and more high-end materials such as modern GRP (a form of fibreglass) going up to €90 per square metre. Labour costs may then cost around €150 to €250 per day per worker. Generally, we would expect a flat roof replacement for a typical garage to cost from €1,000 upwards.

Flat roof repairs Dublin

Act now on flat roof repairs

If you suspect your flat roof needs repair due to water getting into your property, it’s important to get the problem fully assessed and fixed as quickly as possible.

If repair work isn’t carried out quickly the damage caused by water can dramatically increase repair costs. Structural timbers can be weakened if they’re continually holding water. Saturated brickwork and masonry can cause internal damp problems that can result in the need for extensive internal decoration work.

Roofpro will check your flat roof thoroughly when called for repair work. If necessary, they will try to stop any further damage from taking place before continuing with their repairs.

Repairs made to flat roofs in Dublin

  • Patch repairs and resealing joints to roof covering
  • Repairing or replacing faulty flashings
  • Raking crumbling mortar from brickwork and repointing
  • Removing and replacing damaged bricks
  • Repairing guttering that prevents correct drainage
  • Renewing seals around skylights

Common weak points on a flat roof are around the edges, and abutment points. Roof coverings where allowances have not been made for structural movement, are possible sources of leaks as well as defective flashings and pointing.

Sometimes the defects on a flat roof are so extensive or severe that the roof needs replacing. If this is the case we’ll provide you with a detailed assessment of the findings and a fixed price quote to get the work completed.

Pooling (ponding) on flat roofs

Pooling is one of the most common problems on a flat roof. This happens when the roof does not drain rainwater as it should. The weight of water, and other soaked debris that has collected, places excess stress on joints and seals. A roof that either has pooling that covers a large area, or is more than 20mm deep might at least need a professional assessment.

Visible signs of potential drainage problems on a flat roof, other than the obvious presence of pools of water, include the growth of mosses and other plants and watermarks that indicate where water has previously collected.

Flat roofs with pooling problems don’t necessarily need to be replaced as patch repairs can sometimes be made.

Don’t wait for the next downpour before getting your flat roof repairs done