Fibreglass Roofing

Fibreglass Roofing Dublin

Fibreglass roofing Dublin and surrounding areas since 2002 - At Roofpro we pride ourselves on the quality of our fibreglass flat roofs. Our area of coverage includes South Dublin, North Dublin and Dublin City we also cover Surrounding areas of Dublin

Roofpro have been installing fibreglass flat roofs in Dublin for 10 years.

Unlike felt roofing our fibreglass flat roofing solutions do not rely on bitumen and other materials to bond and join them, this makes a massive difference in terms of the potential life of your new flat roof installation.

Felt flat roofs over time give in to the elements; eventually, this weathering slowly destroys the roof and ultimately leads to the need for a complete re-roof.

Our flat roofs come complete with a 25 year insurance backed warranty

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Fibreglass Roofing Dublin

Fibreglass Roofing Dublin

Fibreglass Roofing Dublin

Fibreglass Roofing Dublin


Is Fibreglass roofing any good?

Is Fibreglass roofing better than felt?

Do Fibreglass roofs crack?

Do Fibreglass roofs leak?

Fibreglass roof cost 

How do you seal Fibreglass?

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GRP Fibreglass Flat Roofing in Dublin

GRP Roofing install and repair GRP fibreglass flat roofing in Dublin

and surrounding areas of Dublin
We are a Dublin based family run highly skilled and experienced glass reinforced plastic fibreglass flat roofer for all your GRP flat roofs repair needs in Dublin

Does your flat roof need repair or are you building a flat roof extension?

GRP Roofing will design and install your new build flat roof or repair your existing flat roof according to your own particular specifications. You can choose from a wide range of GRP roofs colours and styles including non-slip GRP fibreglass roofing which is esspecially suitable for flat roofs

Is your flat roof in London leaking?

If your flat roof is leaking we can quickly repair the roof using our GRP fibreglass roof repair system. We will also carry out repairs to damaged or leaking felt roofs, recommending the replacement of felt roof to long lasting GRP Fibreglass roofing.

GRP Fibreglass Solutions

Our services include:

  • Flat roof repairs
  • New build flat roofs
  • Leaking roof repair
  • Pitched roofing GRP repair
  • Felt roof repair and replacement
  • Cold roof / Warm roof systems
  • Asphalt overlay
  • Lead reproduction
  • Substitute Lead flashing
  • Box & Valley Gutters
  • Chimney repairs & repointing

Domestic & Commercial Flat Roofs in Dublin

At GRP Roof Systems we are proud to offer both domestic and commercial roofing services. We offer professional advice based on our 20 year experience in the fibreglass industry.

Don't hesitate to get in touch today with our professional GRP Roofing team - we will be pleased to offer you a free, no obligation quote.

For commercial projects we can cover all the Leinster

Ring 016874894 for a free quote.

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