South Dublin Drone roof inspections

At Roofpro Roofing we offer a Drone roof inspection Dublin - Leading technology allows us to create a detailed roof report using drones. We can take thermal readings, measurements and create a condition report all from the safety of the ground.

Having an aerial inspection can be tricky and expensive when using Cherry pickers or scaffolding which is where Drone roof inspections come into their own. Our comprehensive. drone services are available across Dublin and are carried out by CAA endorsed pilots. Further, once we have obtained to information we can provide detailed condition reports which highlight any issues. Thereafter, upon request we are often then asked to present a specification of work with associated costs.

At Roofpro we provide comprehensive roof reports using trained, qualified and fully insured drone pilots. Roofpro drone services offer a cost effective solution to gathering information in otherwise difficult to reach places.

When will I need a Drone Survey?

What can you Survey with a Drone?

Imagine you have just seen the weather forecast and it is torrential rain and strong winds you head to bed and wait out for the storm to pass. You wake up to find the storm has caused significant damage to the roof.

It is now a race against time to get the issue resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible by doing this you can minimise the risk of any further damage being caused. When you have identified a damaged roof and your looking for an Emergency Drone Inspection Roofpro roofing can help.

If you suspect you have a fault with your guttering or a leaking roof and need to find the cause with little fuss then a Drone inspection is the best and safest option.

There are few limitations of what can be surveyed using a drone or UAV;

  • Roof coverings
  • Elevations
  • Leadwork
  • Chimney stacks
  • Gutters
  • Solar Panels
  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Property
  • Churches
  • Ecclesiastical structures
Drone roof inspection Dublin

Drone roof inspection Dublin

Drone roof inspection Dublin

Drone roof inspection Dublin

Drone roof inspection Dublin

Drone roof inspection Dublin

Safely working at height

Apart from the ease and amazing technology one of the biggest advantages of choosing a drone to do roof surveys is the safety. Traditionally a competent roofer would need to erect ladders and scale the building to assess the roof whilst taking photos manually and making notes. Strong winds or bad weather could easily make this dangerous and the risk of falling increases.

Drone Surveying completely eliminates this risk it is a recognised safe method of working at height which can now be carried out quickly with very little delays.

Professional Drone Roof Inspection

Drone aerial surveys are the ideal choice when inspecting roof areas or chimneys using the latest in Drone technology and UAV mounted cameras the resolution and quality are second to none high-quality sensors provide detail that is not comparable to standard photography or video. Using the drones can also make it a breeze to reach those hard to reach areas and awkward angles that would ordinarily be too difficult via ladder or scaffolding.

All inspections are carried out using 4k high-resolution video and photography along with the fully insured and a trained pilot. What sets Roofpro apart from a standard drone survey company is that your inspection is then reviewed by a professional roofer with over 30 years experience. A report is then created detailing exactly what is wrong and presented with a quotation to fix the issue.

Roof survey cost

You may well think that a drone roof survey will cost a fortune well with other companies it might but not with Roofpro. Our roof inspection service is the most affordable option on the market. Provided by highly skilled inspectors.

If you are looking for a drone survey of your property Roofpro can offer the following options. Our drone inspection is bookable online, once your order is received, we will be in touch to arrange a mutually agreeable appointment.

from €225+ vat

We will provide our drone, DJI Mavic Mini, and a fully trained operator for the duration of the work. Please let us know specific areas that you would like our operator to take photographs. The drone will take a number of images of your property to include the following.

  • Roof Areas
  • Elevations
  • Chimney Stacks
  • Area Overview
  • Memory stick containing all images, sent via surface mail within 5 working days.
€150+ vat

If you would like Roofpro to provide a condition report on your roof coverings and property using the images taken by the drone please call now. We will provide a detailed written report of the condition of your roof and present a specification and costs for repairs or replacement.

  • Roof Coverings
  • Leadwork
  • Chimney Stacks
  • Guttering
  • Your report will be e mailed to you upon completion within 10 working days.

Roof Inspection via Drone Dublin

The use of drones for reporting purposes is growing in popularity & roof repairs. The benefits of using a drone to undertake roof surveys versus more traditional methods is clear.

The cost of scaffolding to undertake roof surveys can often be restrictive and the perspective provided limited. Hydraulic platforms offer a good point of view but when considering the requirement for an operator and a further industry expert the costs can become high.

A drone survey can allow a single operator to gather a significant amount of information using high definition imagery and video which can easily be relayed to a number of industry experts for their opinions on work that may be required.

It is important to consider the law when operating drones and always ensure the is registered to undertake a specific flight.

When used for commercial operation a trained operator must be engaged and the equipment used in accordance with The Air Navigation Order 2016.

At Roofpro, our drone surveys are carried out by trained pilots who have permission to operate commercially. Permission for Commercial Operations PfCO. For reference, our operators reference is 5438.

drone roof inspection Dublin.

The use of drones has a number of benefits versus more traditional methods. From a Health and Safety perspective using drones to carry out Remote Visual Inspections can eliminate the need for Working at Height.

Further, the imagery that can be gathered by drones is often superior to a human due to its ability to get close to hard to reach areas. Once this information is gathered experts in the relevant fields can use the information and allocate resources appropriately.

Moreover, when considering the environment the use of drones can be advantageous. Traditional access methods rely heavily on transportation from larger fuel inefficient vehicles such as trucks to carry scaffolding or hydraulic platforms. A drone can be deployed to survey your roof in a small fuel efficient vehicle with less resources versus other methods.

It is not just the roofing or construction industry that can benefit from the use of Drones, a study by The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee outlines the benefits.

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