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At Roofpro Roofing as you’re local Chimney repair Contractors in Dublin we offer our customers many different types of chimney services here are some you can read about.

brick repairs, partial chimney rebuilds, Chimney flashing repairs,Chimney repointing

Chimney repair experts in south Dublin

The chimney rebuild process include set-up (scaffolding in most cases), tear down and disposal, as well as total reconstruction of your existing chimney.

Cracking, water leaking, element exposure, usage, time, and lack of maintenance can render your chimney structurally vulnerable, resulting in the need for chimney repairs or total chimney rebuild. Whatever the situation, we can help. 

local South Dublin chimney repairs

  • Chimney repairs such as re-pointing and re-seating of chimney pots
  • Installation of lead soakers, flashings, back gutters and front aprons
  • Chimney re-builds
  • Chimney removal
  • South dublin Chimney repairs company
  • Installation of chimney cowls and vents
  • Replacement of brickwork, mortar joints, render, flaunching and coping stones

Our extensive general roofing repair & chimney repairs works, from a simple patch repair to an entire house.

Chimney repairs cost

Given they have to deal with fires being lit at the bottom of them, while the wind and rain batters the top, the chimneys on our home put up with a lot. That’s why it’s vital to ensure they’re well maintained and in good working order. We’ve put together this collection of common prices involved with chimney repair projects so you’ll know what kind of costs you can expect when hiring a roofing contractor

chimney repairs Dublin

Chimney repointing cost

Repointing is vital if the mortar in your brickwork is failing and letting water into the chimney. The process is very similar to any other brickwork repointing, but as with other chimney repairs, the fact it typically has to be done at height usually makes it more expensive. A small chimney could be repointed for around €500, rising to €1,000 or more for very large chimney stacks, but the cost of scaffolding must then be added on to that. 

Flashing repairs cost

Chimney flashing repair Dublin

Lead flashing on your roof helps protect the edge of your roof, where tiles meet brickwork such as your chimney or where you flat roof meets the main building.

If this becomes damaged for any reason,it can allow rain into your property. Fixing damaged flashing should cost around €250 to €1000 depending on the damage or if it needs complete replacing.

Chimney repairs
Chimney repairs


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