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All roofs inevitably need repair and occasionally replacements. It’s an essential part of any home, taking all the impact from the elements, birds nestings and more, so it shouldn’t be ignored.

roof repairs

They may be a pain to get to at times but when things go wrong, you pay a heavy price for not getting a professional roofer to inspect or repair.

We’ve calculated ballpark prices for different types of roof repair jobs and top tips from professional roofers. Along the way, Roofpro will give you best advice for managing and repairing your roof.

How much does roofing repairs cost in Dublin Ireland?

Every roof repair project will differ in cost. We recommend that you contact qualified roofer to gain an accurate quote for the work, and most importantly, identify the issue and how to resolve it.

Here are the estimated costs for a roof repair in Dublin to help you budget.

Cost to repair a roof valley

The roof valley is where two sloping roofs meet. Not only does it join up the roof, but it’s built to channel rainwater down towards the gutter. The roof valley, as you would expect, deals with a huge amount of water, and is prone to leaking over time.

If you were only replacing the cement or re-using existing valley flashing, then costs will start at €350. To repair one roof valley flashing, it will take full day and cost around €1000. If you had two valleys to repair, then it could take 2 days and cost around €1500.

Flat roof repairs cost

The repair cost of a flat roof is €150 per 1m2 area.

The quality of flat roof construction has improved enormously over the past couple of decades, which is both good and bad news. It means that your old (pre-1990s) flat roof is likely to be at risk – the good news is that you’ll end up replacing it with something far superior that should last you for the foreseeable lifetime of the house itself.

Flat roof repairs Dublin

Flat roof repairs Dublin

Older flat roofs are more prone to suffering from leaks than pitched roofs. 

The reason is that rainwater has no natural place to escape too and the felt-and-gravel style roof seen on many a suburban extension is likely to be totally flat – while modern flat roofs are always built up with OSB, giving a 2-3˚ slope to allow water run-off.

Couple that with the damage that burning sun, mosses and general wear and tear can inflict on a bit of usually stuck-down old felt – and you can see why they have a bad reputation. For flat roof repairs Dublin call (01-6874894)

Tile replacement cost

If you have a missing or loose tile which is letting in water, this is something you need to get fixed as soon as possible.

Costs for a roof tile repair/replacement starts at €150.

Flashing repair cost

Lead flashing helps to protect the edge of your roof where the tiles meet brickwork. It’s a similar problem to missing or broken roof tiles – it allows rain into your home, damaging your interior.

roof repairs
roof repairs

Again, the cost of roof flashing repair is similar to a tile replacement. To repair a metre or so of flashing will usually cost around €250. Click for Chimney repairs Dublin 

Leak repair cost

Leaks will generally appear if there’s an issue with your roof tiles or flashing. The pricing will depend on the severity of the leak, but you can expect to pay around:

  • €150 for new roof tiles
  • €350 for new flashing (around a metre)

Sagging roof repair cost

Sagging roof repair costs vary. It ultimately depends on what caused the issue of your roof sagging.

If the issue is around the weight of the roof material weighing down on the timber frame, then additional joists may be required. This can cost anything between €1,200 and €2,000, depending on how many you need & may need to require scaffolding hire Dublin.

If your roof’s sag problem is to do with the internal structure becoming waterlogged, then this can set you back anything from 5,000 to €12,000, depending on the size of the property.

When should I replace my roof altogether?

If you have a severe underlying issue with your roof, a patch repair to stop the odd leak will not suffice. The relatively high costs of continually repairing problems may mean that a comprehensive re-roofing is required.

In most cases, the latter is only really an issue on properties many decades old and is often visible to the naked eye through bows and curves in the shape of the ridge or pitch. click for new roof Dublin

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Common roof problems

Roof repairs Dublin - The first time you know about a roof problem is when your roof starts leaking.

A leak will most likely appear as brown circular stains on your ceiling. If left unattended it will eventually create a bubble in the ceiling plasterboard. This visible evidence of damage is not always directly under the failed roof tile itself. A hole will generally be found in the felt or membrane found fitted on the roof structure below the battens tiles or slates.

Roofing membranes degrade over the years. The most common roof failure is a cracked tile or slate, letting in penetrating rain. This water then finds its way under the tile and finally drips onto your ceiling. If you’ve boarded the floor in the loft space, it’s this boarding that will absorb the water. This often leads to delays in actually identifying that there’s a problem in the first place.

There are other symptoms of common roof problems. The lead flashing, which is used to cover the joins between vertical walls and roofs or around the chimney stack, can be secured poorly.

It can be prone to slippage over time and water can then find its way through the gaps. The rainwater management system that controls rain coming off your roof might fail. This causes gutters to get blocked and plastic downpipes pop out of their connections. Click here for gutter repairs Dublin

Fascias and soffits covering the junctions of roofs and walls may also erode over time. If they are made of timber, they can deteriorate with harsh weather and once weakened will need immediate repair.

Birds nesting - Always have your roof weak points secured like the eaves or gable ends especially if you have a old roof birds tend to get inside & nest along the eaves area that can cause big roof damage in the long term.

Eaves protection

Eaves protectors are a smart solution to protect the eaves weak point of your roof there installed under the felt & roof tiles to protect the fascia wood & rafter tips from birds and strong wind rain from affecting your roof.

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